Eventing with Segment

Segment assists your successful onboarding with easy tracking and integration of in-app events.

Candu customers integrate with Segment for its simplicity.

This integration sends your end-user data via Segment to Candu, where it can be used to personalize content and help your understand its impact on end-user behavior.

To install Segment, please refer to the Candu Destination.

What to track

Candu only uses a subset of events that we receive from Segment.

We only track the following methods from Segment:

Event Stream

Once your events are set up, you can view them in Candu's Event Stream.

A stream of real-time events that can be useful for debugging.

Candu can only use events sent to us on a go-forward basis from the date of install. To use events that occurred before install, please send these events as traits on the identify call.