Testing and troubleshooting

Questions and answers for how to set up and use Candu to build native onboarding experiences.

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🏝 Account

How do I sign up for Candu?

Candu is currently in a closed beta.

If you believe you have a great use case for Candu, please get in touch with our team. 🥳 We'd love to hear from you.

How do I get a Client Token?

A Client Token is provided once you sign up with Candu.

🛠 Installation

How do I know that the Candu SDK has been installed properly?

Once you have successfully installed the Candu SDK, you will be able to:

  1. Preview content you create in a Portal

  2. See incoming events in the Event Stream.

📺 Portals

Where can I find my Portal slug?

You can find your Portal slug on the Portal’s page.

Portal slug on the Portal's page.

If you have not yet created a Portal, you can create one, which will prompt you to create the Portal slug. Once set, the slug cannot be changed.

I’ve installed my Portal slug, why isn’t my content rendering?

If you have installed the Portal slug but your content is not rendering, check that you created the slug for the Portal that the content is connected to. If someone created a new Portal with a different slug, rendering will not work.

I have created a Portal, but I cannot see any content.

Make sure your Portal is Live and attached to a Segment.

How do I test that my Portal is working?

We recommend starting with a staging server. To test a Portal you will need to:

  1. Create a Tutorial

  2. Connect it to a Portal

  3. Preview it in your app

I set up my Portal correctly, but when I test content it’s a blank screen?

Hmm. Sounds like you should contact the Candu team.

How can I tell that different UI components are set up correctly?

To check that you’ve correctly implemented your Styleguide, you’ll want to preview a test Tutorial with the Blocks that you’ve set up.

We recommend testing on a staging server, so your Tutorial is not visible to your end-users.

Alternatively you can visit the styleguide page under settings in your dashboard https://app.candu.ai/settings/styleguide

💡 Preview

Why can’t I preview my content?

If Preview is not working as expected, but you have successfully installed a Portal, it is most likely because your Tutorial is not properly connected to the Portal.

If you are able to see the Content in your Tutorial but you believe it is rendering incorrectly, refer to the Styleguide documentation or contact us any time.

✏️ Content

How do I see my Tutorial in my application?

To see Tutorial, you need sync it to a live Portal.

You also need to have the Candu SDK integrated within your product (see Quickstart) and whitelist your workspace domain.

Why doesn’t Candu content look native to my app?

Whenever possible, Candu will use your Styleguide to render your Blocks. However, if a Block type has not been set up, Candu will fall back to HTML. You can adjust your styles here: React Styleguide.

Do I need a Styleguide to use Candu?

You can get started using Candu without a Styleguide, but it will render as plain HTML. For efficiency, we recommend setting up the styles at install.

📆 User attributes and eventing

Do I need to integrate eventing in order to start using Candu?

No, you can follow the Quickstart guide to get started without eventing, but we recommend integrating eventing from the outset. Candu cannot retroactively track events or traits. For example, if you want to change content for your end-users based on the first time they logged into your app, Candu will only evaluate ‘first login’ as of the date of install.

How can I see the events that we are sending to Candu?

You can check any event that is being published into Candu in the Event Stream.

How can I tell whether eventing is working (identity, track, and page)?

You will be able to see whether identity, track, and page events are being passed to Candu in the Event Stream.

Event Stream shows all events being passed to Candu.

If you’ve installed Candu via Segment.io, you will also be able to see which events are being passed to Candu in Destinations.

For further information on this integration, see Segment’s Candu Destination Documentation.

What happens if I’m not tracking an event or property today?

Candu cannot retroactively track events or traits. For example, if you want to change content for your end-users based on the first time they logged into your app, Candu will only evaluate ‘first login’ as of the date of install.

If you would like to use an event that happened in the past, send Candu an event (first login date) as an end-user trait.

How do I add end-user attributes and eventing?

Add them to the Traits field in the SDK Provider.