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What is Candu?
4 Product-led Growth Challenges Candu Solves
4 Product-led Growth Challenges Candu Solves

Candu helps businesses turn their onboarding, product adoption, self-serve education & scaled customer success efforts, product-led.

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Candu helps SaaS businesses with four key areas of product-led growth that are often initially handled completely outside of the product, meaning it can become difficult to engage and communicated with the right users successfully, especially as a customer bases scale.

At Candu we like to think of your product as being a key medium to communicate and engage with customers in a scalable way. By being able to control and optimize in-app user experiences you can gain a new direct route to the voice of the customer.

We help businesses who are looking to:

  • Transition a specific area such as onboarding to a more product-led approach

  • Move customers from a high-touch model of engagement to more of a tech-touch, self-service model

  • Move from a sales-led business model to a product-led growth model

  • Support a scaling Customer Success team and reduce the amount of high-touch activities they have to carry out

  • Increase engagement and interaction with key resources and content that already exists (outside of the product) and bring it into the product where customers live the most

  • Complement their walkthrough or pop-up tool to boost their in-app experiences

  • Kick start their product-led efforts from scratch!


Common Challenges

  • Difficulties with successfully Activating users

  • Trial > Paid conversion rates are not where they need to be

  • End-users have no onboarding flow e.g a new user is added 6 months after the customer went live, and their in-app experience is non-existent

  • There is currently a one size fits all approach that does not cater to the different flavours of onboarding that certain customer types need

  • Users have to access content & resources that are hosted in multiple places

How does Candu help?

  • Centralize all key onboarding materials into one place - such as a Welcome page or Dashboard - to make it easier for your users to find the information they need

  • Personalize user journeys based on any key differentiator such as lifecycle stage (new customers vs. end users) or their account or role type to increase engagement rates

  • Enable customers to complete key milestones themselves to save on internal bandwidth

  • Easily update & improve content after tracking engagement & interaction rates - onboarding is never done!

Product Adoption

Common Challenges

  • Release notes are not seen

  • New features are not being engaged with heavily

  • High support load about how to use features

  • Feedback surveys don't get enough responses

  • Upsell paths unclear

How does Candu help?

  • Centralize all key resources into one place and provide context about why features are beneficial (the why behind the how!)

  • Announce feature releases & new products with non-intrusive announcement banners

  • Align release notes with lifecycle stages - ensure that the right users see the right information, for example, a day 1 user may not need to know about what's new until they are considered 'Activated'.

  • Easily update & improve content after tracking engagement & interaction rates - make sure all content is up to date!

Self-Serve Education

Common Challenges

  • All key resources are outside of the product

  • High support load about getting started & best practice

How does Candu help?

  • Centralize all key resources into one place and drive users to engage with all of the great content you have created! Think of a Candu Resource Hub or Dashboard as a table of contents for everything you want users to access.

  • Share contextual help for different features - help users when they need it the most (when they are actually in the product trying to do something!)

  • Empower users to self resolve queries to reduce number of support tickets

Scaling Customer Success

Common Challenges

  • Struggling to support a growing customer base

  • Need to move SMB customers to a scale engagement model

  • CSMs have no time for value add activities

How does Candu help?

  • Personalize user journeys throughout their entire lifecycle, retaining a customer centric approach whilst empowering customers to better help themselves

  • Centralize all key information users need to know at different stages of their journey to reduce the number of engagement points needed by CSMs e.g. Contact cards, calendar embeds, training materials, account specific guides

  • Automate key reminders and updates to save time on manual reach outs e.g. renewal reminders and events & webinars

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