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What is Candu?
What can Candu, do? πŸ‘€
What can Candu, do? πŸ‘€

It really is hard for us to avoid that punπŸ™ˆ Learn what you can build with Candu!

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Candu offers SaaS companies, one of the (if not the most πŸ˜‰) flexible no-code editors on the market, that enables you to build and launch 100's of new product experiences.

One of Candu's key product pillars, is ensuring that anything you build, looks 100% on-brand, native and blends into your products UI seamlessly.

We have two core types of component styles for you to work with:

  1. In-line content -that is embedded in the page of your product. For example, an empty state.

  2. Overlays - pop-ups, modals or slide outs that sit on top of your product pages.

So what kind of things can you build?

Activation Use Cases

  • Onboarding Surveys

  • Onboarding Checklists

  • Personalized Onboarding Paths

  • Getting started homepages

  • Welcome videos/messages

  • First Use Empty States

Adoption/Retention Use Cases

  • In-product templates/recipes

  • In-line contextual help + videos/content in overlays

  • In-product learning center/resource hub

  • New feature releases & announcements

  • Event & announcement promotion

  • Custom content for specific customers

Conversion Use Cases

  • Upgrade prompts

  • Upgrade Empty States

  • Discount/offers/promotions

  • Trial reminders/countdowns

  • Billing Page FAQs/Upgrade content

When to not use Candu

There are some things that we just aren't the best for!

  • Product Tours - we cannot do 'click here, then click here' to navigate users around a feature or product

  • Hotspots - we cannot show a flashing alert dot to highlight there is something new, but this is on our roadmap!

  • Product Functionality - you can't build full fledged functionality with Candu. You can build a lot of front-end components but we cannot do the 'backend' support

  • Full webpages - customers do use us on their marketing sites for banners, modals, small components, forms but not for building full pages (our content is not SEO friendly)

When is Candu helpful?

We primarily work with companies who are looking to drive activation, adoption and conversion rates across their self-serve customer base.

Using Candu can be super helpful for your team when:

  • You are in the product growth team for a product-led growth (PLG) company that has a free trial and/or freemium go-to-market strategy

  • You are a startup with a PLG approach and want to build your first onboarding experience without needing your developer resources

  • You have a product-led sales strategy where you want to combine self-serve + human-assists in your free trial experience (moving from being fully sales-led)

  • Your business is wanting to become more product-led (scalable) when supporting your user base

  • Increase engagement and interaction with key resources and content that already exists (outside of the product) and bring it into the product where customers live the most

  • Support a scaling Customer Success team and reduce the amount of high-touch activities they have to carry out

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