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What is Candu?
Candu's No-code Approach
Candu's No-code Approach

Build a better product and customer experience for less time, money and technical talent with Candu.

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We know that the term 'no-code' is used to describe a lot of different tools & platforms these days and can sometimes be a bit confusing, so we wanted to clarify what no-code means when it comes to using Candu!

What does 'no-code' mean?

No-code generally refers to the ability to use a software, without needing to be a coder. The aim of no-code solutions is to empower non-coders to be able to do things that they previously couldn't!

How is Candu 'no-code'?

With Candu, everyone on your team can unlock growth by becoming a product creator. We built Candu to empower non-developers to be able to take control of their in-app experiences and actually build amazing front-end creations as part of their job!

Benefits of Candu's No-code Approach

When you are first getting started:

  • It is quick to get up and running

    • Very easy to install Candu

    • Easy to use editor + templates

  • You can avoid spending engineering hours on front-end UI - free up tech talent

  • Turnaround time from ideation to release is improved

  • Your team feels empowered to build and create

  • Your team has greater ownership of their work

Benefits that accrue over time:

  • Saved engineering maintenance

  • Saved customer success and support resources

  • Ability to prototype new frontend changes

  • More experimentation & faster learning

  • Improved satisfaction for non-technical teams

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