July 2022

Segment User LookUp

To make it easy to check your Segments are correct and distinguish whether a user falls into the correct Segments, you can now search for any user from any Segment and see this information.

You can search by email or ID and then validate whether they belong to the Segment you are searching in & also see a list of all other Segments they fall into.

Trait Whitelisting

If you are sending user data through to Candu from an external source such as HubSpot, Salesforce or Segment.com, you can now filter which user traits appear when creating Segments in Candu.

We appreciate some traits may no longer be used or are passed through accidentally so this tool helps to keep your data tidy and makes it easier to find the right traits when creating Segments.

June 2022

Chrome Extension Update

We released a new Chrome Extension with a number of improvements

  • The ability to ‘retarget’ an existing selector

  • Manual selector editing without leaving the extension

  • The ability to show content above or below the targeted div/selector

  • Support for adding multiple selectors at once

More Powerful Callback Support

Callbacks enable your Candu-created content to interact with third-party providers (where you host useful content) and provide a seamless, interactive experience for your users.

Common use cases include:

  • Triggering product tours/walkthroughs from applications like Appcues, Pendo and Userguiding

  • Triggering video content to play/appear in a full-page modal

  • Triggering a chat or chatbot with messaging platforms such as Intercom or Drift

  • Triggering a pop-up form with form providers such as Typeform

  • Scheduling time with a calendar provider such as Calendly or ChiliPiper

You can now add one callback trigger for each provider that you want to embed within your Candu content. For example, if you use Appcues and have eight product tours that you want to launch from Candu buttons, you can add one Callback for AppCues that handles all eight tours, as well as any future ones you create.

For more information on how adding Callbacks works see our guide here.

Copy button on Code Blocks

You can now add code typography components to your Candu content and allow your users to copy the code! This is really useful if you need to provide your users with for example an installation script during their onboarding journey as you can now include in an onboarding checklist or embedded prompt and they can copy in one click.

May 2022


Elevate your product-led experiences by creating purposeful flows or adding interactive content.

When creating content in Candu, you have the option of creating flows or interactive types of content using Journeys. This basically means the ability to have content change from one thing to another when something is selected or clicked.

Some common examples of this include:

  • Carousels

  • Onboarding Flows or Multi-step Progress Flows

  • Navigation menus

  • Tabs to flick between different content

For an overview video and more information about creating onboarding flows and Carousels please check out our guide on Journeys here.

Block Components

To make it even easier to create Candu content, we have added blank 'Blocks' that you can quickly use to create your own content. Simply drag and drop a block onto your document, add your own copy, images and CTAs and you are well on your way to making your content live!

Share Option to Preview Content

To make it even easier to preview Candu content, we added a 'Share' button to the editor which creates a standalone page for you to view Published content on. This has made it possible to share links with your colleagues to get feedback before making your content live too (we wonder how we lived without this now!).

Please note this option also supports Journeys as content switching cannot be previewed via the Chrome Extension.

April 2022

Import Content across Workspaces

Many of you asked for this feature so we made it our priority!

This is a great feature for an easy transition from staging to production. This allows your team to work independently and transfer completed content across workspaces.

Event Driven Checklist

You can now click on each step & choose whether you want that step to be event-driven and auto-checked off or not. Users will autocomplete tasks by selecting an associated user event that you pass through into Candu or any interaction from a Candu component such as 'Button was clicked.' Learn more about how to create an Event Driven Checklist here.

Responsive View

You can now preview your Candu content and the way it appears on different screen sizes directly from the Editor (without needing to resize your screen!). On the far right above the toolbox, you will see icons for Small, Medium, or Large devices to see how the content will render with each size screen.

You can also decide to hide different components for certain screen sizes under the 'Responsive' section for example an entire homepage created on Candu may not look great on a mobile screen so you may only want to show parts of it!

March 2022

UPDATED: Chrome Extension to Preview and Publish Content

We have revamped our Candu Chrome Extension for an even easier way to preview and publish your content! With this update you are now able to:

  • Select through Workspaces and Content

  • Load Pre-Built Templates

  • Check the Page Installation Status

  • Quickly link back to the Editor, your Dashboard, or to CanDocs to view our guides

  • Remove Content with a simple click

  • Easily minimize the Chrome Extension while you work

Content Status

We have exposed more key insights about the status of your content to help you better manage, maintain and keep track of all your content over time. You can now see the status of your content directly from the Dashboard!

  • Nested: This will show you a count of how many times the content is used/nested within another piece of Candu content.

  • Last Updated: This indicates when the last change or edit was made to the content in the editor

  • Last Viewed: This is the last time one of your users viewed your content live within your application or webpage

  • Embedded: This will show a Yes or No to indicate if the content has been embedded within your application or webpage

You can view the list of locations your content is published and easily access from the top menu of your content, under Embeds > Content Embeds.

Collaborative Editing

You can now see when teammates are working within the same piece of content. When you open content that a user is currently working on, you will be notified via popup at the bottom of your screen. In the top far right corner of the Editor will be a badge for each user currently within the content. This is helpful to ensure there is no overwriting or conflict as only one user can make changes at a time.

February 2022

New Toolbar

We have added a number of additions to the hover Toolbar and additions to the right-hand Toolbox in the Candu Editor to make creating content even easier.

  1. Our Interactions button has moved from the corner of elements to the Toolbar. You can also still use the right-hand Toolbox. This makes it quick and easy to edit or update the Email, URL, Guide, or Callback you want to specify.

  2. You can now quickly change between Stylguide variants e.g. Change a button from primary to secondary; or switch text from paragraph to header, directly from the hover Toolbar.

  3. You are now able to change the position of elements using alignment and justification settings from the hover Toolbar.

  4. The hover Toolbar makes it easier than ever to copy, paste and delete.

New Integrations

We have been working on a number of integrations to make it easy to pull user information into Candu so you can personalize your content with Segmentation and Variables.

  • HubSpot - You can currently sync data between contacts in HubSpot and users in Candu. Learn more about integrating with HubSpot here.

  • Salesforce - You can currently sync data between contacts in Salesforce and users in Candu. Learn more about this new integration here.

  • Rudderstack - You can currently sync User Traits and User Events from Rudderstack to Candu. Learn more about this integration here.

URL Embedding & Wildcard URLs

URL Embedding allows you to specify both a div selector within your application or webpage AND a URL where you want Candu content to display. This is useful for:

  • When you have a repetitive div selector across multiple pages - once Candu content is embedded in this single div, it will display content on all pages (probably not what you want!)

  • When you have URL paths that contain variable information meaning URLs are unique for different users/customersLoad your Candu content dynamically depending on the page URL within your application.

Updated Layout: Columns

You can turn columns into polished layouts faster, toggle between parent-child columns and see color-coded selections. By default, the two columns provided will be of equal width but the height will expand with the content added. You can now use the Toolbox on the right to add more columns and adjust the proportions of each column. You can also adjust the space between each column.

December 2021

Right-Click Menu Shortcuts

Right click menu options have been added as an alternative to Keyboard shortcuts to make it even quicker and easier to Cut, Copy, Paste or Delete!

Right click in the editor to bring up some quick keyboard shortcuts

Resize Drag Handlers & Sizing Controls

Resizing your components just got 10x easier with our new resize drag handlers as well as color and line guides that let you see how elements impact the size of your layout in real-time.

You can use the size handlers to extend or decrease the size of the selected component. When you resize your component, it will automatically reflect in the toolbar. You can alternatively use + and - from the toolbox as either pixels or percentages.

Resize drag handlers make it easier than every to resize Candu components in the editor

Easier to Style your Content

No need to remember your color codes off the top of your head! Your Styleguide colors now pull through to the editor toolbox making it quicker to design new content.

You can also quickly access the Styleguide directly from the right-hand toolbox. making it easier to access and update your default settings.

Colors from the Styleguide now pull through to the right-hand toolbox and its easier to update your Styleguide defaults with prompts now appearing on the toolbox

November 2021

Customized Checklist

Create multiple checklist styles to use throughout your application. Change the color, text, checkbox styles, title & progress bar & customize both the checked and unchecked states.

By being able to completely customize the look and feel of your checklists you can ensure that your Candu content is as on brand as possible!

Learn more about creating a Customized Checklist.

Create custom checklists now that this has been added to the Styleguide

FAQ Expandable Drawer/Accordion

A way to neatly nest content - it’s like a checklist with no check boxes! A great use case is for hosting FAQ style content - we are using it here!

Another great content type for storing key information inside your app. The addition of the Checklist Styleguide allows for advanced customization options like this!

Learn more about Expandable Drawers.

Nest content in expandable drawers or toggle lists - great way of creating FAQs

Duplicating Segments

This is an easy way to clone the content you have created & duplicate for another user segment.

Example: You may have built an Onboarding checklist for your admin users on your Pro plan and need to create the same checklist except for two steps for your admins on your Basic plan.

This feature was created to make it quicker to build personalized user experiences! (often you may only need to tweak a few things!)

Learn more about Duplicating Segments.

It is now easy to duplicate content when tailoring it on a per segment basis


This feature provides the ability to send data into Candu from third party applications such as data warehouses. You can send in user identity information - things like email address, or subscription type. You can also send in user events that they have performed - things like user uploaded a logo, user setup a new project, etc.

The highlights of this addition is allowing more flexibility when it comes to creating user segments and the ability to easily bulk update data.

Learn more about Webhooks.

We have introduced webhooks as a way of sending user event and trait data into Candu

Per Workspace Styleguide

Each workspace in Candu now has its own Styleguide. Edits in one workspace Styleguide no longer flow through to others.

This is to allow customers with multiple brands, websites or applications the ability to customize their Workspace Styleguide! If you need to re-brand your content you can always create a Test workspace to trial new styles first!

Learn more about Styleguides.

For customers that use multiple workspaces, you can now have a custom styleguide per workspace making it easy to separate different brand requirements

Editor Improvements

Margin & Padding spacing now has indicators! This is to make it easier to build content in the Candu editor. It is much easier to see the impact of your margin & padding edits now.

Learn more about Margins and Padding.

Margin and padding indicators are now switched on in the editor! It makes it easier to see the impact of your edits

Consistent Publishing

We have changed the way we render your Candu content so that your application or website CSS rules, will no longer override the styleguides you have used in Candu!

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