Shortcuts Key

Keyboard shortcuts can be found on the left hand panel Palette of the Candu Editor (we don't expect you to remember this article off by heart!)

The keyboard shortcuts key is in the bottom left of the editor

General Shortcuts

List of general shortcuts such as copy and paste, undo redo
  • Search: To search the page use Cmd or Ctrl + F

  • Multi-select: To select multiple components in the Editor you can use this combination to then carry out bulk actions

  • Arrow keys: If you’re clicked into any component of the Editor, use arrow keys to navigate (extra helpful if you are using layouts and want to go up a level)

  • Copy/ Paste: You can copy any element to duplicate it! Similar to delete, it will duplicate the element and any other elements inside of it. This can save you a ton of time if you’ve developed a layout that you really love. Pro-pro tip: You can also copy-paste across different pieces of Content 🤯 To copy you can either right click using the mouse and select copy, and then paste; or you can use Keyboard commands. To copy your content, select or highlight the section and use Cmd or Ctrl + C. To paste your content use Cmd or Ctrl +V

  • Delete/ Backspace: If you select a component and hit delete, it will disappear. Be careful with this one if you’re nesting content--hitting delete will delete whatever element you selected and anything nested inside of it

  • Redo: To quickly redo an action, use Cmd or Ctrl + Shift + Z

  • Undo: When you don’t like something, just undo it (if you really hate it, there’s also History in the Editor Palette so you can revert to previous versions) To quickly undo an edit, use Cmd or Ctrl + Z

Text Shortcuts

list of text shortcuts such as bold, underline and italics
  • Select All: If you want to select all components within the current document you can use Cmd or Ctrl + A

  • Bold: Select the text you want to bold and use Cmd or Ctrl + B

  • Italic: Select the text you want to make italic and use Cmd or Ctrl + I

  • Underline: To underline a piece of text use Cmd or Ctrl + U

  • Link: To add link to text, use Cmd or Ctrl + K

  • Select Text: To highlight or select text using a keyboard shortcut, hold Cmd or Ctrl + Shift + use the arrow keys to select.

Menu Shortcuts

You can use any of the below options to quickly open any of the Editor menus.

list of menu shortcuts such as L to open layouts, C to open containers

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