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What is Candu?
Candu Use Cases for Websites
Candu Use Cases for Websites

Build & embed Candu components to elevate your users experience with your Website

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Candu's no-code user interface (UI) editor, can be used to build components for existing SaaS products where content is embedded within an application, but components can also be embedded on business or personal websites.
We actually use Candu to create and embed components on our own marketing website! For example our pricing plans are Candu embeds.

Other Candu Use Cases for Websites


Candu can be used to create specific sections of Blog categories so users can easily find the content they are looking for. You also keep your readers engaged with interactive features such as dismissible banners or clickable cards to showcase your key topics across your site.


With Candu you can boost your ecommerce business with customizable UI content. You can create alert bars or banners for your site for different use cases. For example:

  • If you wanted to share a special offer you can schedule your content to appear and disappear during a specific time

  • Let users know about changes to any services such as customer support open hours over holiday periods

  • If you need to update your customers about new products or any changes they need to be aware of

You can also create pricing plans for subscriptions to embed directly into your site (just like we do for ours!)

Education Courses/Training

If you run a site that offers students training & courses, you can use Candu to create unique personalized dashboards and easy onboarding checklists.

  • Drive your students to success by creating an easy Getting Started checklist. Once this checklist has been completed you can swap the content out to show them more relevant content

  • Build resource cards to help students find the content they need

  • Create a video or webinar resource library to facilitate course completion

SaaS Products

To see our most common use cases for SaaS platforms please check out our guide on what we solve for and how here or get inspired by actual customer creations by visiting our Creator Showcases!

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