In Candu you have the option to nest content within a modal overlay that sits on the top of the page within your product. Modals can be triggered from Candu CTAs such as buttons or card components. This allows you to get around the problem of limited real estate in your existing UI and avoid using engineering time to hard-code content in! 🚀

Some common uses of Candu Modals:

  • Media Displays -
    Have a Learn More or video thumbnail trigger video content to appear in a modal so the user doesn't have to leave the product e.g. new feature releases.

  • Forms/Surveys -
    Get customer feedback by embedding a survey in a modal such as a Typeform (tip:✨ you can soon do this with Candu Forms!)

  • Call Bookings -
    Adding any sales or customer assists into your user journey such as a 'Book a demo' or 'Book a call' button that triggers a modal with a calendar to book a call.

See these use cases in action below:

GIF showing modals nesting media displays, forms and call bookings.

The combination of an embedded CTA, Modal and Form can achieve the experience in the GIF above where you can seamlessly learn more about new releases, ask users for feedback, or offer call/demo bookings without taking the user out of the product.

For a quick overview of modals please view this short 3-minute introduction.

Currently, Candu Modals can only be triggered from existing Candu content. In the future, modals will be able to be triggered straight from your product, e.g. accessing a certain page, etc.

➡️ Check out our article on how to create modals by clicking here!

We're always open to feedback on how to improve, so don't be shy ✍️

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