Save time scheduling calls by adding Calendly directly in-app with Candu.

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Enhance customer relationships by sharing your teams schedule availability directly into your app or website. This helps to reduce friction and email ping pong, making it easy for your users to get in touch when they need to!

Embed Calendly into an iFrame

  1. From your Calendly account, select "Copy Link" for the booking you would like to share.

  2. Paste the URL into your iFrame, and click Add.

Connect your Calendly Schedule directly into Candu, user adoption software

Hiding Event Details

If you just want to embed a Calendly calendar without the top-level event name and details, you can do that by adding this slug to the end of the link:


For example, a complete link might look like this:

Customize Schedule details for your users with Candu, user adoption software

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