Creating Banners

Create inline banners that embed seamlessly into the UI of your product.

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Candu Banners can be embedded anywhere in your product to promote announcements, new feature releases, events and any other noteworthy news that you want to let your users know about. Common use cases for Banners include:

  • Feature releases

  • Upgrade prompts

  • Free trial countdown

  • Promoting enablement content

  • Survey promotion

  • Event/webinar promotion

  • Upcoming maintenance alerts

  • Failed payment alerts

There are lots of options when it comes to the placement and style of Banner you can create. Lets look at a few examples to help inspire you!

Top of the page banners

This is a common position for key upgrade prompts or campaigns that only use text and CTAs. This is a great spot to leverage as Banners are highly visible and don't stop a user You may want to have a Banner that is persistent across every page too or only targeted to certain pages!

This requires you to have a div/selector available, that is at the top of your product pages.

Banners between existing UI components

Another common placement for Banners is above existing UI/content on your product homepage or feature page where it makes sense to promote new content. You have more space to play with so can create stunning banners that use images or GIFs as well as text and CTAs to capture your users attention.

Banners CTAs

With Banners you can add trigger a number of calls-to-action to get users to do your desired actions. Some common options include:

  • Linking to the area of the product to start using a new feature

  • Linking to a registration page

  • Triggering an overlay that contains more content such as a video, a survey or a booking form

Creating Banners in Candu

To create a Banner you can either start from an existing template or from scratch. There are many templates for you to choose from that make it quick to get started:

If you are creating a new Banner from scratch you can use the 'Card' component to create a banner of any shape or size and have the option to make it dismissible or not. For example, lets create a simple webinar promotion Banner from scratch:

You can use a combo of cards, typography, layouts and buttons to achieve this!

ℹ️ Please note 'Cards' are the only component type that has the dismissible X option so you must use this if you want users to be able to dismiss your banner.

Banners are embedded in the same way as other inline Candu content - learn more about this here!

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