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Embedding Content in your Influitive Portal
Embedding Content in your Influitive Portal

Learn how to launch Candu content in your Influitive community site

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After you have created your first Candu experience that you want to launch to your community members, it's time to embed your content!

There are generally some key spots on your Influitive homepage where you can embed Candu components:

  • Above your challenge/activity carousel

  • Underneath your challenge/activity carousel

  • The main banner

  • The page footer

Each of these spaces are linked to a specific div/selector on the page which will look something like:


ℹ️ Please chat with your Candu CSM if you need help with identifying your selectors, want to embed Candu somewhere new or need help embedding content.

Embedding Content

In the below example let's look at how to embed this Discussion Topic carousel into an Influitive Homepage.

In the Candu editor, navigate to the content document that you want to launch and go to the 'Embeds' tab.

Simply add the name of the selector onto this page, in this case #candu-discussion-highlights and hit 'Save Changes' > 'Publish' and your content will appear live in Influitive!

Your content will appear live and be embedded in your chosen selector like the below:

Disconnecting Content

If you no longer want the content to appear, you can simply remove the selector from the Embeds screen by clicking on the selector, hitting 'Delete' and pressing 'Save Changes',

Targeting different banners on different pages

You may want to show a different banner depending on which page a member is on, so that you can show and promote the most relevant content throughout your Influitive experience.

To do this you can follow the method above with the addition of one extra step - adding the specific URL to the 'Show on Pages' screen.

After adding the selector you can specify the URL you want your banner to be targeted to. Hit the + button and 'Save Changes;.

You can then create as many banner options/Candu content as you like and target them to various pages as needed.

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