Previewing & Embedding FAQs

Have a question about previewing or embedding Candu content? See our list of FAQs here.

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Preview FAQs

Can I use Preview if I have not yet built content?

Yes! We provide a list of pre-built templates that you can use to preview how the content could look on your site, even if you haven’t built anything yet.

Why does the Chrome Extension only show a few divs on the page?

The Chrome extension can only recognize existing divs. When you install Candu, you can decide whether you want to install it in an existing div. or create a new div with custom dimensions for the content.

How do I get rid of the purple box around the content?

The purple box is just a feature of Preview to show where you’ve placed Candu while previewing. When you install and publish your content, that purple box will not be present. You can also use 'Hide borders' to make it disappear (as long as you are not hovering over the content at the same time.

Embedding FAQs

Why is my content duplicating, or showing up in multiple places?

If you have embedded Candu content, and are experiencing issues with duplicate embeds, here are a few things you can check.

When you use the Candu Chrome Extension to drag and drop content to a particular place on your webpage/app, it is looking for a div selector in which to place the content. When you have a repetitive div across multiple pages, rather than divs that are unique to specific pages, this can cause the same Candu content to duplicate across multiple pages. The content will load in every place that specific div selector is found.

There are two ways to resolve this issue:

No-Code Option

To make your content targeting more specific, you can couple div selection with URL matching, to ensure that your Candu content only appears on the specific page you want it to. For example if you have a repetitive div across a number of pages within your application, but the URLs are different, you can tell Candu to embed content in this div but on this URL only.

For more information about URL Embedding see our guide here.

Code Required Option

You can also manually define your selector. This ensures that the content is only going to appear where a specific code, that you define, is placed. For more information on Defining your Selector manually, see our guide here.

Can my users view embedded Candu content on all browsers?

Candu content is built and tested to work in the following desktop web browsers. It may also work in other browsers but these are not officially supported.

  • Chrome (Two latest versions)

  • Firefox (Two latest versions)

  • Safari (Two latest versions)

  • Edge (Two latest versions)

Why is my content aligning incorrectly when published but looking fine in preview?

The content is build to be placed within your existing UI. Dependent on the layout or div that you select may alter the format of your Content. You can use your flex settings and advanced settings to modify.

Can anyone see content that is not embedded?

No. Candu content must be installed and embedded before any users can see it, and though the Editor auto-saves updates, changes made to content will not go live until you publish & embed them. In addition, previewing the content is for your eyes only.

Can I embed Candu content internally before pushing it out to everyone?

Yes. There are a few ways (beyond Preview) to test the publishing flow before going live. Many of our clients start by installing Candu in a sandbox environment. If you’re sending user_id information to Candu, you can also create a Segment for yourself and/or your team and publish only internally. If Candu is installed but nothing is published, the page will look unchanged to all other users. Finally, you can use a third-party feature flagging system to publish Candu internally before going live. Please check out this guide here for more information on this.

Can I embed Candu into a Chrome Extension?

While it could technically be possible to embed a Candu component within a Chrome extension, it is not a common use case of Candu and there is likely to be unexpected challenges with installing Candu in an extension environment.

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