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What is Candu?

New around here? Understand how Candu can help customize and personalize your user experiences in your product or on your website.

Getting Started with Candu

Everything you need to know to launch Candu as easily and quickly as possible.

Install Candu

It's easy to install Candu within your application or website with our low code installation options.


Set up your Candu Styleguide to match your design system and create native looking experiences

Creating Content with Candu

Bring your designs to life! Build UI components with Candu's easy to use drag and drop editor.

Launching Your Candu Content

Preview and Embed your Candu UI components into your live application or website.

Personalizing User Experiences

Create targeted, dynamic product-led journeys by displaying personalized content to different groups of users at the right time.


Learn how to run AB tests and analyze results

Analyzing your Candu Content

Measure engagement & interaction levels with your content to understand what to iterate on next.


Learn about Candu's wide-range of integrations and how they can be used to help build amazing user experiences.

Candu x Influitive

Guides to launching Candu content on your Influitive portal to drive user engagement