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Launching Your Candu Content
Previewing your Candu Content
Previewing your Candu Content

Preview what your content looks like in your application using the Candu Chrome Extension.

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When you’re ready to view content in your application you can use the Candu Chrome Extension to preview your creation to test that it fits in seamlessly with your existing UI.

Check out the below short video for everything you need to know about Previewing content!

Google Chrome Extension

Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Content

Make sure your content looks perfect before your users see it in your application even before you install Candu! The Preview Chrome extension lets you place Candu content anywhere, so you can test how content fits in different areas of your product or website.

It will do its best to mirror the styles of the page so that you can get a real sense of what the content will look like and how it fits the page.

First things first, ensure you have the extension downloaded - we also recommend pinning it to the top of your URL bar too for quick access!

Download the Candu chrome extension from the chrome store and pin it to your URL bar for quick access

Once the extension download is complete, log into Candu. You can do this either the old- fashioned way through, or through the Chrome extension itself 🤯

There are four key actions you can take with the Chrome Extension:

  1. Preview both content or templates that you have built using the Candu editor and any pre-built Candu templates

  2. Embed both content or templates that you have built using the Candu editor and any pre-built Candu templates

  3. Review any content that has been embedded and disconnect it

  4. Check the installation status for any-page where you expect Candu to be installed

Select the piece of content you want to Preview and then hover over the page where you would like to see the content appear.

  • You will see green highlighted space which indicates a div on the page (or as we like to say 'real estate') where your Candu content can be embedded.

  • If you see blue highlighted space, content is unable to be embedded there.

🤩 Pro Tip: You can click the 'Hide borders' option to remove the extension borders and get a real feel for how your content will look in your product or website.

If you like how everything looks you can Embed your content directly in place via the extension. For more information on 'Embedding Candu Content' check out this guide!

If you want to try another spot on the page, simply hit 'Esc' on your keyboard and relaunch the extension to try new content and try them out wherever you like (we recommend in your application, but the extension will work anywhere).

ℹ️ If there are no available spaces where you think your content works, you may need to get one of your developers to add a new div to the page, to specifically host your Candu content.

Previewing Content for Multiple Segments

You can use the Candu Chrome Extension as normal, and alternate between your different Segments to visualize the experiences for different user groups. Simply use the drop down on the left hand side and switch between your Segments to view changes in the content and experience!

You can switch between different segments to preview what your experience looks like for different user groups

Preview from the Candu Editor

If you are busy creating or tweaking a piece of content and want to Preview it, you can click the 'Preview' option at the top right hand side of the Editor and input a page where you would like to test your content.

You can add a URL to the editor to quickly open preview mode when creating

Once you have entered a URL in this box, it will be remembered making it easy to Preview as you create. You can then use the Chrome Extension as normal to Preview your Candu content!

Previewing via the Share Page

Once you have published your content you can use the 'Share page' feature from within the editor to preview your content. This generates a URL where you can view your content and check that responsiveness, interactions and content changes are working as expected.

Simply ensure the permissions are set to 'can view' and then click Share > Copy Link and then paste this into a new Tab.

Voila - you can now preview your creation and share the link with colleagues to get their thoughts and feedback (or just show it off 😉 ).

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