Testing your Candu Content

Before you make your content live, test your Candu content to make sure it works as expected.

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There are a few options you can use to really test your Candu content out before going live and check out our best practice list of things to test for.

What should you be testing for?

  • Content: Are your concepts clear? Do users understand what the content is for and why it is useful?

  • Look & Feel: Does the content look good on the page? If it is working correctly, it should integrate completely with your application. Does the content properly map your styleguide? Do all the elements look like they are integrated with the interface? Can your testers tell where your Candu content starts and ends or does it integrate seamlessly?

  • Copy - Does the message you are trying to convey come across? Are copy edits needed? Are there any typos?

  • Media: Does embedded media render properly? If there is an image or embedded component, does it start playing correctly?

  • Interactions: Do the buttons and hyperlinks work, and do they link to the correct pages?

  • Integrations: If you've set up integrations such as launching guides or widgets, are they operating as expected?

  • Personalization: Are the right people seeing the right content? Are variables displaying accurately? If your users fall into multiple Segments, have you set up the hierarchy such that they see the most relevant content?

  • Responsiveness: How does your content look across different screen sizes?

  • Accessibility compliance: Does your content meet your requirements? Consider things like color contrast, font sizes & responsive design

'Only Me' or 'Internal Only' Segment

ℹ️ Please note this option is only available if you have Segmentation enabled as part of your plan and have sent Candu user traits/data via an integration or directly via the installation script or webhooks.

If you want to see what content looks like live within your application (and Previewing content is not doing the trick) you can create an “Only Me” or 'Internal Only' Segment if you want some colleagues or 'trusty testers' to review your creation.

To do this, go to Segments in the left-hand panel, then create a new Segment using your User ID or other identifying information such as email domain contains 'companyname.com' or email address is = to. Segment options will depend on what data your organization sends to Candu.

Once you’ve created a personal or internal Segment, go to the content that you want to test, and duplicate the content to your new segment. You will need to archive the 'Everyone' segment if you have already published the content to avoid all of yours users seeing your content. If you haven't yet Published the content then you can 'Publish' only to the test segment you have created.

You can then Embed your content via the Chrome Extension and see what it looks like before launching to your users. The content should appear exactly the same as in Preview mode, but only the users you have included in the Segment will be able to see it live on the page.

Create an Only Me or Internal segment to test content on before you go live

Testing on a Staging Environment

If you have both a live production environment and a testing or staging environment, you can install Candu on this test environment prior to going live on production.

Follow the installation guide and then you can use the Chrome Extension to Preview & Embed content. This is a great way to test Candu internally before launching to your users.

Additionally you can create multiple Workspaces (such as Staging vs. Production), where you can build content specific for testing purposes and when you’re ready to publish content for a wider audience, copy the content into your Production Workspace that’s linked to your live site.

You will need to copy the document of the content you are working in. More on Workspaces here!

Test Results

Something amiss? Try our Troubleshooting Checklist or contact us anytime at [email protected]

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