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Create multiple Candu Workspaces to accommodate all of your content creation requirements.

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Every Candu Workspace is tied to a specific domain and you can create an unlimited number of Workspaces associated with your account.

What are the use cases for creating more than one workspace?

  • You want to have a test or staging environment vs. a live production environment

  • You have multiple brands, products or websites where you want to add Candu content.

This can allow for your content to be better organized and maintained over time.

All content & settings are separate

If you create a separate Candu Workspace, this is essentially like having another Candu account.

The below will be unique to each Workspace:

  • Styleguide - this is to allow customers with multiple brands, websites or applications the ability to customize per differing brand guidelines. If you need to re-brand your content you can always create a test Workspace to trial new styles first!

  • Content - this is unique to each Workspace and cannot be copied across to other Workspaces.

  • Segments - these are setup and configured on a per Workspace basis. There is no way to copy or share a list of Segments between Workspaces currently.

  • Installation Scripts - each Workspace has a unique Client Token in the installation script

  • Integrations - these are configured on a per Workspace basis

The below are shared across Workspaces:

  • Team members - they will have universal access to all Workspaces.

  • Billing - we only bill on a per account basis, not Workspace basis.

Managing Workspaces

Creating New Workspaces

Navigate to 'Settings > Workspaces' and you will be able to see a list of all of your existing Workspaces in a list. You can easily click between them to access each one.

To create a new one simply click 'Create New Workspace'

You can create as many workspaces as you like - simply add a name and the key domain where content will be embedded

You will then be able to name your Workspace and indicate the main high-level domain where Candu content is going to be embedded and rendered. For example, this may be the website of your additional brand, or your staging environment if using for testing purposes.

Add a name for your Workspace and the domain where content will be embedded

Import Content Across Workspaces

Transfer Content to a Different Workspace

This is a great feature for an easy transition from staging to production. This allows your team to work independently and transfer completed content across workspaces.

To start with, you'll want to create a new piece of content in the workspace you want to import your content into. When in this new blank content doc, head to the Settings tab:

Image of your new blank content doc that you want to import content into

Select the 'Import Content' button in the Manage Content section of the General tab

Image showing the Settings tab where you can Import Content from different workspaces

Here you can select the workspace you want to import your content from, then search for the specific piece of content you want to import, map your Segment, and Import your content πŸ™Œ

Image showing how to choose the workspace you want to import your content from, how to map the segment and Import it!

Deleting Workspaces

If you no longer need one of the Workspaces you have created, you can delete it.

Select the Workspace you want to delete and then select 'Delete Workspace' at the bottom of the page and then confirm your selection. (We want to make sure you are positive you want to delete it!)

⚠️ Please proceed with caution as this will delete all existing Content & Segments in the Workspace which means users will no longer be able to view it.

You can delete workspaces but this action cannot be undone so you need to proceed with caution.

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