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Syncing Influitive Groups with Candu Segments
Syncing Influitive Groups with Candu Segments

Use Influitive Group targeting to create personalized Candu content for your community members.

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You can leverage Influitive's powerful Group targeting to create personalized Candu content for your community members.

For example you may want to show different content to different members based on things like:

  • Their level of advocacy or experience

  • The region or country they are in

  • The type of member or user they are

  • The stage of their journey (e.g new users vs advanced!)

This requires a bit of configuration on both your Influitive Admin platform and your Candu instance.

ℹ️ As a first step you need to contact the Influitive support team so they can ensure your Influitive account is setup to be able to follow the steps below. Simply request Group syncing with Candu.

Additionally if you need any help with getting this up and running please feel free to reach out to your Candu contact 🤗.

Influitive Admin - Generate Group Names & IDs

ℹ️ Please ensure that any Groups you want to target are pre configured in your Influitive Admin before following the below instructions.

In order to pass your Influitive Group details over to Candu you will need to identify the 'uuid' for each Group name that you want to use.

To do this go to Reports > New Report.

Then select 'Groups'.

And the 'From Scratch' option.

From the list of field options, under 'Groups' select 'ID' and 'Name'. Then hit 'Run' in the top right.

This will return a list of all of your Group names with their ID like the below:

Keep this list open and navigate to Settings > Branding > Custom Advocate JS

This is where you can specify the Groups that you want to make available in Candu's Segmentation module. All you need to include is the Group name and the ID string from the report that you generated like the below:

window.targetGroups = [
name: 'student',
uuid: '978902d3-3909-4dee-b7ea-f092da4bc7d6'
name: 'Uni Students',
uuid: 'e180c879-faec-4e59-987a-1717663135b3'

You can then add this to the section of the script that starts with 'targetGroups':

Once you have added your custom JS remember to 'Save Changes' at the top of the page.

Setting up Group Segments in Candu

Your Influitive Group names will now be available to use under User Properties within Segmentation in Candu.

Go to Segments from the main navigation bar > Create Segment and name it. You can then select the Group names under User Property:

And then select is Equal to 'True' or 'False' to create Segments of users to target your Candu content at.

For more information about creating content for multiple Segments please review this guide.

ℹ️ Please note you will be able to use the Influitive Lens to preview content for different users once the Candu content has been made live in your Community.

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