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Creating Content for Multiple Segments
Creating Content for Multiple Segments

Not every user journey is the same! Create different product-led experiences for your varying user groups.

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Once you have created all of the Segments of users that you want to create content for, you can build out the different content you want to display in the editor.

The content for each Segment will appear in a tab at the top of the editor and you can flick between each tab to view and edit the content for each user group.

In some instances you may want to create similar content for different Segments where only small edits need to be made - for example an onboarding task list for admins users vs. new users vs. everyone else where the design is the same, but the content needs to be switched out.

To make this as quick and easy as possible, you can simply:

  • Select the content you wish to duplicate

  • Click on the three tops and select 'Duplicate' from the Segment Tab

  • Choose the new Segment you want to create content for and your existing content is now duplicated and ready to be edited!

If you need to change which Segment the content is for or archive it, simply click the three dots and select either 'Retarget' or 'Archive'.

Segment Prioritization

An important thing to note, is that the order of your Segments play a key part in dictating what content a user will see. Users may fall into multiple Segments. If you connect multiple Segments to any content, you will need to prioritize which Segments to evaluate first. By default they are prioritized in the order they are added.

The listed order from left-to-right is also the priority order. If you click into the 'Segments View' (the Hexagon icon), you'll see the priority order listed left-to-right, top-to-bottom. This view will also show you a preview of the content each Segment will see.

the Segment view allows you to reorder Segments and view a preview of what content each Segment will see

You can rearrange the priority order by clicking and dragging the tabs, or in the Segments View, clicking and dragging the cards.

For example, let's say you have connected three segments: 'Admin Users (Pro)', 'Acme Corp Only' and 'Everyone' (anyone else) and they are listed in that order. If a user belonged to Acme Corp and was an Admin they will be shown 'Admin Users 'Pro'. You would want to ensure that 'Acme Corp Only' was ordered first.

If a user falls into more than one Segment, they will view whatever content is ordered first.

Previewing Content for Multiple Segments

When you are happy with your content and ready to preview your creations, you can use the Candu Chrome Extension as normal, and alternate between your different Segments to visualize the experiences for different user groups.

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