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Common questions regarding Segments and creating personalized user journeys

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If a user evaluates into multiple Segments, how does Candu decide what content the user will see?

Candu allows editors to set an order for segments. If a new admin evaluates into 2 segments, e.g., "New Users" and "Admins", the Candu Editor can decide which segment will be evaluated first. The first bucket that user falls into will show the corresponding content.

How are user traits and data sent through to Candu?

You can send through user traits like name, email, product type and role type either manually via the installation script using an identify call, via Webhooks or through a third party integration like Segment.

How does Segment Membership work?

When you start sending Candu data about your users, we do not instantly get a 'dump' of all of your users from the source you are sending us data from.

We only track users once they have accessed a page where Candu is installed.

For example, if you:

  • Installed Candu on your product homepage

  • Have 1000 total users but only 100 have logged in since you installed Candu

  • We will only have tracked those 100 users

If you were to create Segments, we will tell you how many of those 100 users fall into the Segment, not the whole 1000 as we do not yet have a profile or record of them yet.

Does Candu have any reserved traits that are standardized?

Yes, please see below:






Email address of a user

Please make sure to the email through with a lowercase 'e'.

Why am I receiving a 403 Error when using Signed Identities?

There are a few things to check when experiencing batchEvent errors such as a 403 page.

  • Check that the ClientToken is correct in relation to the specific Workspace

  • Check that the Signed Identities Key is correct is relation to the specific Workspace

Be sure to add any traits you want to call. Traits accept an object with all the details you know about your user so that it can be used in segmentation.

  • Check that your script is written correctly with the details above. If using hmac be sure it falls after your listed traits as seen below:

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