Personalize your content by connecting and pulling user information into Candu.

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Our integration with makes it quick and easy for you to pull in key user information into Candu which you can then use to personalize your user experiences with Segmentation and Variables.

You can currently sync User Traits and User Events from Segment to Candu.

You can currently sync User Traits and User Events from Segment to Candu.

ℹ️ Please there’s also a guide on the integration that sends analytics interaction data from Candu to Segment.

Setting Up The Integration

To set up Candu as a Destination in Segment and send your user data into Candu, follow this guide here.

We also recommend setting up Signed Identities in Candu to improve data security.

Using Data in Segmentation

When creating new Segments, you will now be able to select ‘User Property’ and see a list of the traits available from You can use any of these to create different groups of users that you want to display different content or in-app experiences to.

For more information on Segmentation click here.

all user traits that have synced across from will appear in your Segment drop down lists

Using Data in Variables

When personalizing your content in the Candu editor, you will now be able to select any of the traits that have been synced across, to tailor content for your users. For example, you may want to have a welcome message that is dynamic and says ‘Welcome back <company name>’ which would be possible if you have passed through ‘Company’ from your user information in Segment.

Our guide on using Variables in content is here.

You can now use Segment user information when using Variables to personalize your content

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