How do I specify where Candu goes on the page?

Candu will expand into whatever div or element you install it into, so you can set dimensions and location based on where it is installed. If you want dimension controls, you can create a new div for Candu when you install it. Learn more about adding Candu to a page in this video.

ℹ️ Please note, that if you’re using Google Tag Manager, you’ll have to install Candu within an existing div.

How do I find my embed code?

You can find your embed code from the main Dashboard under Installation.

Is there any advantage to using the Candu install script vs. Google Tag Manager (no-code)?

That depends on personal preference and your tech stack. One note, however, is that adblockers can block Google Tag Manager, so if you’re publishing mission-critical content, we recommend using a different installation method.

Will Candu work on my site?

As long as you have a place to enter a script tag you can install Candu.

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