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Kajabi Installation Guide

Customize your Kajabi courses for a better user experience with Candu!

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Adding Candu to Kajabi

Begin by adding an empty text box to your Kajabi page. Remove all default text within the node so you are left with an empty element box. Be sure to save.

Right click on this page and select “Inspect” to find the exact div ID for this element. This div ID number is auto generated by Kajabi. You will need this in the next steps.

Candu user onboarding software, kajabi integration

Adding Candu Script Tags

To get started adding Candu content into your app, you will need to add the Candu script tag into the <head> of your site to give Candu permission to publish.

From the main settings within Kajabi, go into Site Details and find the section called Page Scripts.

Kajabi Page Scripts to install Candu, user onboarding software

From your Candu Dashboard, go to Settings > Installation and copy your code to pate into your app.

Install Candu with Copy and Paste Code. user onboarding software

Whitelisting Your Page

Before any content can be added or published, you must whitelist your page within Candu.

  • Add your domain to the list under "Whitelisted Domains"

  • Please note that you can use wildcards here as needed. Add a * before or after the URL to add a wildcard

If you encounter CORS errors when publishing content, it likely has to do with whitelisting. To check, try whitelisting just the wildcard and clear the cache.

Embedding the Element ID Manually

To manually update the script with your div ID for the empty element box we created at the beginning of this process delete candu-mount in the script you just pasted and replace it with the div id from the element you added to the page. Make sure to include the quotes and the # sign. Save your settings.

Any changes within Kajabi may alter the element ID, which will invalidate the Candu installation. Because of this, once the script is installed, there should be no further changes made within this text block.

For more troubleshooting tips, check out our Installation Troubleshooting Guide.

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