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Use the Candu builder to get featured content noticed quickly and easily.

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Installing Candu on WordPress

By default, WordPress does not allow you to add JavaScript to your website, but there are plugins available to help. Candu script tags (below) should be inserted into the head of your site, and within the script tag, you can specify exactly where the content will appear.

Wordpress Plugin for Candu Installation, customer success software

Start by installing and activating the Insert Headers and Footers plugin. Upon activation, go to Settings > Insert Headers and Footers. You will see two boxes, one for the header and the other for the footer section.

customer success software; Install Candu into Wordpress with Copy and Paste

In the textbox labeled "Scripts in Header", add the Candu Code snippet.

To find your Candu Script, go into the Candu Dashboard Settings > Installation tab from the top bar menu. Then, open the Embed tab on the left and copy the top code block as seen below:

Install Candu into Wordpress with Copy and Paste

Whitelisting Your Page

Before any content can be added or published, you must whitelist your page within Candu.

  • Add your domain to the list under "Whitelisted Domains"

  • Please note that you can use wildcards here as needed. Add a * before or after the URL to add a wildcard

If you encounter CORS errors when publishing content, it likely has to do with whitelisting. To check, try whitelisting just the wildcard and clear the cache.

For more troubleshooting tips, check out our Installation Troubleshooting Guide.

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