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Influitive: Embedding Candu content in Content Pages
Influitive: Embedding Candu content in Content Pages

You can use Candu to create full page experiences in your Influitive community

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Common Candu + Influtive use cases

Some common use cases for using Candu on content pages in Influitive include:

  • Getting started pages

  • Resource hubs

  • Event pages

How to embed Candu Content into Influitive

To embed Candu content on one of these pages, you need to do the following in your Influitive Admin:

  • Create a content section

  • Create a content page (this is important for view tracking in reporting)

  • Update the config below with the correct values

You can navigate to the Custom Advocate JS section under Settings > Branding in your Influitive Admin.

A screenshot showing where you can add custom JavaScript to Influitive.

Here, you can add a few details and launch your experience!

There should be a section called contentPageEmbed, and you can then add four sections:

  • menuLinkPath: = the last part of the URL of your content section

    • example /forum/c/about-us

  • navClassName: = the name of the content page as it appears on the nav

    • example 'About Us'

  • pathname: the last part of the URL for your content page

    • example = /forum/c/welcome/about-us

  • elementID: = name of the Candu div

    • example = you can name this what you like - we recommend something like candu-pagename, e.g. candu-about-us-embed

  • target: '_self'= no need to change this!

  contentPageEmbed: [
menuLinkPath: '/forum/c/about-us',
navClassName: 'nav-about-us',
pathname: 'forum/c/about-us-welcome/23',
elementId: 'candu-about-us-embe,',
target: '_self'

You can then hit 'Save Changes' and embed content via the Chrome Extension or the Editor using the new div that you have added—in the above example, #candu-about-us-embed.

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