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Outgoing Webhooks > Candu to Slack

Send content views, interactions and form responses from Candu to any slack channel!

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Candu webhooks allow you to automatically send data from Candu (the sender) to another application (the receiver) such as Slack! This allows you to receive immediate updates for important CTAs that have been clicked or Form responses that have been submitted.

Webhooks allow you to automatically send:

  • Content views: triggered whenever one of your users views embedded Candu content

  • Interaction Events: triggered whenever one of your users clicks on an interactive Candu component such as a card or button

  • Form Responses: triggered when a Candu Form is submitted. For more information on this click here.

Using Candu Webhooks & Slack

In your Candu account you can access Webhooks by going to 'Settings' > 'Integrations' > 'Outgoing Webhooks'.

You can then choose to send events to Slack under 'Format'.

To get the 'Endpoint URL' for your slack channel:

Open your Slack workspace and navigate to the channel where you want to receive the notifications. Click on Integrations > Apps > Add an app.

Search for 'Incoming Webhooks' and click 'Add to slack'.

You can then select which channel you would like to post updates to and then 'Add incoming webhooks integration'.

This will generate the URL for you to use! Copy this URL

Go back to the Candu and paste in your endpoint URL & name your webhook.

You can then select what content you want to send to your Slack channel like views or interactions for a specific content or responses for a particular form.

You can then save and test the Webhook - you should get a response like this where you will get a basic notification & links to view form responses!

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