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Whitelisting Your Domains
Whitelisting Your Domains

Whitelist your domains so Candu content can be viewed on your site or application.

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When you are installing Candu, you must be sure to whitelist your domain(s) in order to be able to embed your content on a particular site or application.

Make sure you add the domain(s) you wish to add Candu content to. You can quickly do this from your Settings under Workspaces. This will ensure that browsers will pass CORS authentication so your content is never published on a page where you don't want it.

It is important to whitelist your domains under settings so browsers can pass CORS authentication.

To properly whitelist your domain, be sure to have the full URL including the “https://” and the “www.”

You can use wildcards (e.g. https://* to cover any subdomains you may use. This is helpful if your application has unique URLs per customer such as

⚠️ Please note that if you have not whitelisted your domains properly, you will experience CORS authentication errors.

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