Scheduling your content to publish automatically can be beneficial for many reasons.

A few common use cases include:

  • Being able to prepare content in advance and schedule it to go out automatically = time saver

  • Create consistency with when you post and update your content

  • Updating your users about business holiday hours or launching a festive welcome message

  • Scheduling regular content such as monthly updates around releases or blog content

Powerful Tools to Build User Onboarding Experiences

How to Schedule Content to be Published

  • To schedule content you will need to go to the Segments page found on the main Dashboard menu.

  • From here create a new Segment.

  • If you are using an existing Segment you can Define the Segment using the same set up as seen below.

    Schedule content with segments, Powerful Tools to Build User Onboarding Experiences

  • For the Property select 'Content'

  • For the Operator select 'Show After'

  • Select the date for your content to publish

  • To select an end date for your content, add another condition for 'Show Until' with the date you wish to see the content removed.

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