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Managing & Updating Segments

Edit, clone and delete your segments at any time.

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It is important to keep your list of Candu Segments up to date and tidy, to ensure the right content is targeted at the right groups of users.

Segment Details

You may edit the name and description of your Segment at any time. We recommend updating details especially if you significantly modify the conditions of an active Segment.

Simply go to your list of Segments, click on the one you need to edit, and go to the 'Settings' page to update details. Don’t forget to click 'Save Changes!'

Cloning Segments

Cloning a Segment allows you to duplicate all the conditions you have defined, but it does not affect any associated analytics. You can then add, remove, or edit conditions in your new copy without affecting the original Segment.

This is helpful for testing multiple similar user groups or creating similar groups, particularly those that are built using complex logic conditions.

From the Segment Settings page you can click 'Clone Segment' to create a copy of the current Segment and open it immediately.

The new Segment will add “Copy of” to the name and save automatically. You can then make any necessary changes!

GIF showing how to clone a segment

Delete Segment

Deleting a Segment is irreversible and will also delete any analytics associated with it. Furthermore, if there is content that is only visible to users within this Segment, that content will no longer be available to any users until a new Segment is created that includes those users and is selected for that content.

From the Segment settings page, click 'Delete Segment' if you would like to permanently remove the Segment from your workspace.

Click 'Confirm' in the pop-up dialog to do so and return to the main Segments window.

GIF of how to delete a segment

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