Ready for more advanced content? See our Advanced Layout Guide.

To start creating content, you can select from Candu's pre-populated Templates or start from scratch. Templates are great for inspiration, but they are also fully editable and will function in all the same ways as from-scratch content.

Editor Overview

Once you're in the editor, you will see five tabs across the top: Content, Analytics, Users, Settings, and Styleguide.

  • Content is the editor where you build content (of course).

  • Analytics is where you see how the content is performing; nothing will appear here until the content is published.

  • Users is where you can see the list of all users that have viewed your content. If you click into an individual user, you can see what content they are seeing and scroll through their user traits. The user id and user traits depend on what information you're sending to Candu. Learn more about user IDs.

  • Settings is where you manage your content details. Learn more about content settings.

Creating Content

The panel on the left-hand side of the screen is called the Palette and provides all the different types of content that you can drag and drop into the editor. Learn more about components.

Step 1

To start, choose a layout to structure your content. You can choose multiple layouts to create a unique customized design. They can be stacked on top of one another, or nested within one another.

  • There are additional layout options in the toolbox on the right of your canvas. You can switch your layout settings and alignment by adjusting the layout from Column to Row.

Step 2

Next, add a container to make your content pop. Let’s start with a card:

  • As with layouts, use the toolbox on the right side to determine how the container works.

Step 3

Add a picture or gif, a header, and paragraph text, to the card:

  • Drag a Media element onto the screen. Upload or Add the image or media and then set size parameters. If you don't set size parameters, the image will resize automatically. You can use your resize handlers to drag the image, or use % and px settings found in the toolbox.

  • If you want to adjust the text to make it bold, italic, etc., simply highlight the text and the options will appear. If you want to change the text to a different size header, those variants will appear in the toolbar on the right.

  • Changing fonts, colors, and other style options are managed by the Styleguide. This allows you to adjust all of your pages at once and from one place to exactly match your brand specifications. You can also dynamically change the background and font colors using the toolbox on the right.

Add a button if you want to link users to additional content:

  • In the toolbox, you can choose the size and type of button. If you switch to the Interactions tab, you can change the button's navigation details.

Now your officially a Candu creator! 🌟

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