Templates are a great way to save time and create consistent content.

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Candu offers a Template library full of well designed options that you can use to create content quickly and you can also create your own templates to help make your content workflow as efficient as possible

Template Library

Candu provides a range of out-of-the-box pre-designed templates for you by default. You can use these as inspiration, or you can leverage the pre-built layouts to save time by simply replacing the content to match your needs.

To start with a default template, go to Content > Templates and browse the selection. You can view the entire list, or use the categories on the left to filter for your specific use case.

Candu provides a range of out-of-the-box pre-designed templates for you by default.

You can also access templates from within the Editor if you'd like to add a template to your content. To add a default template from the Editor, choose 'Templates' from the bottom of the palette on the left. Then, select the template you want to use. At that point, you can choose to drop the Template into the content you're currently working on, or launch a new piece of content.

Create Template from Content with Candu for saas customer success

Saved Templates

If you create a piece of content that you want to reuse regularly, make it a Template so that you can find it easily and build new iterations.

To create a template from an existing piece of content, click on Content > Templates > Create New Template. At this point, you’ll see a dropdown list of all the content you have created thus far:

How to create a template in Candu for saas customer success

Once you create a template from existing content, other users at your organization can create new content from that template without impacting the original.

Create Template from Content with Candu

If you want to change a template, click on it and select the 'Edit Template' button at the top, which will take you to the Editor. This will not impact any content previously created from that template.

Deleting Templates

If you want to delete a template, select the checkbox in the upper right corner and then choose 'Delete'. Again, this will only remove the template from your template library; it will not impact any content that has been created using the template in the past.

Note: Saved Templates are shared across your organization and are available across Workspaces. If you delete a Template, it will delete it for all members of your organization.

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