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Create a Carousel

Allow users to cycle through different content without taking up too much space on your website or your product.

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If you have lots of content you want to show off, but don't have the space to display it all, Carousels are a great component type to use! Common types of content you may want to feature include:

  • Customer testimonials

  • Blog Posts

  • New features

  • Academy Courses

  • Different Resources e.g your community site, your knowledgebase

You can use Candu's Flow feature to create a Carousel and switch between different pieces of content.

How to Create a Carousel with Candu

You can quick-start your creation by using our Carousel template under Blocks > Journeys. Drag the block onto your empty document and then add the content you wish to display on the first section of your Carousel.

Once you have populated the template, you will then need to create a new piece of Content for each additional Carousel section. If you want your users to be able to flick between three different things, this will mean three separate pieces of Candu content.

You will then be able to link your Carousel sections together by using the 'Content Change' interaction and applying it to the left and right arrow buttons.

Select the right arrow button and then either select 'Content' from the hover toolbar like below:

Or you can use the toolbox on the right and select 'Change Content':

And you can then select the piece of Candu content you want to appear when the button is clicked.

Again, if we are creating a Carousel with three different options the 'Content Changes' would look like the below:

First piece of Content

  • Right hand arrow = second Carousel Option

  • Left hand arrow = third Carousel Option

Second Piece of Content

  • Right hand arrow = third Carousel Option

  • Left hand arrow = first Carousel Option

Third Piece of Content

  • Right hand arrow = first Carousel Option

  • Left hand arrow = second Carousel Option

Previewing your Carousel

It is important to note that any 'Journeys' created in Candu cannot be previewed via the Candu Chrome Extension like most content can.

Content either needs to be embedded and made live (you only need to embed the first piece of content but ensure all connected content is Published) OR you can use the 'Share' feature from within the editor. This generates a URL where you can view your content and check that the interactions and content changes are working as expected.

Simply click Share > Copy Link and then paste this into a new Tab.

Voila - you can now preview your creation and share the link with colleagues to get their thoughts and feedback (or just show it off πŸ˜‰ ).

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