Create a Customized Checklist

Learn how to create a custom designed checklist for your users.

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Within the Styleguide you are provided with a default checklist, which has square/box checkboxes. You can clone this and customize it to create new versions of your checklist e.g. rounded styles or even an expandable drawer!

Rounded Checklist

To create a rounded checklist you will edit the Radius under Checkbox Styles. The higher the radius, the more rounded the edges.

You can also specify how rounded the actual box appears by editing the Radius under Box Styles.

GIF showing how to make your checkboxes round

Expandable Drawer

An expandable drawer or accordion drop-down menu is a great feature for sharing information, such as FAQs.

To create this type of style you simply update all the sizes under Checkbox Styles to 0.

GIF showing how to create an expandable drawer/accordion drop-down menu

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