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React to CDN Migration

Get immediate access to new features, and add Candu to additional locations.

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Reason for JS to CDN Migration

Starting in January 2022, Candu plans to only support our CDN installation method. Providing and maintaining only one SDK will allow us to provide the highest quality and security to all of our customers.

As a customer, this means you will always be on the latest version of the SDK, with no manual updates. It will allow you immediate access to new features that we roll out, and make sure that any bugs will be caught and fixed as quickly as possible.

Finally, the new installation method allows you to add Candu to additional locations within your application without a developer. If you decide you want to experiment with an announcement bar or sidebar content down the line, you can do that without needing to find time within the next sprint (or five).

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to [email protected]

To Migrate from a React Installation to the New CDN Installation:

First, remove the CanduProvider:

Candu SDK to CDN Migration, user onboarding software

Remove the Candu sdk and content:

Candu SDK to CDN Migration

[OPTIONAL] Npm uninstall @candulabs/js-sdk

Next, use the unique Candu script tags to add into the <head> of your application. You will find the script tag for your organization in the Dashboard Settings > Installation

Installing Candu with Script, user onboarding software

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