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Editor FAQs

Common questions and solutions when it comes to creating content in the editor.

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Editor Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Embed Content component work?

Embeds allow you to create one piece of content and add it to a larger piece of content. For example, if you want to add an onboarding checklist to a larger customer portal, you can use embedded components.

Oh no, I messed it up, what can I do?

Don’t panic! Even though everything auto-saves in Candu, no changes are final. For every design, there is a timeline that tracks the changes you make, so if you need to revert to an earlier design, it’s not a problem at all. You can use the History button in the bottom left of the editor to revert to an earlier version.

Can I set Checklist to a group?

Yes, you can set the checklist ‘group’ to a group. You’ll need to send us a unique ID for the grouping attribute on the user's identify call.

Can I duplicate components?

To duplicate a content block, navigate to the relevant content block with your arrow keys and hit the duplicate icon from the top of the toolbox. You can also right click on the component and select copy and paste.

What is the main use for base size?

You can set a base size for nested layouts that specify the exact size of each child object. Base sizes can be input as percentages of the total canvas or as absolute pixels.

Why have my hyperlinked images disappeared?

If your images are added by a URL there are a few things to check:

  • Is the image being pulled from a private site? If you have to login that image is not publicly available.

  • Does the image no longer exist?

If you are able to save the image, you can then upload it into your media library which may be a more reliable option.

What browsers does the Candu editor support?

Candu content is built and tested to work in the following desktop web browsers. It may also work in other browsers but these are not officially supported.

  • Chrome (Two latest versions)

  • Edge (Two latest versions)

Why does my image not render properly or have clear quality?

It is important to be sure all images are uploaded in high quality SVG or PNG format. This can impact how well the image renders. Try to keep icons in SVG or any other vector format.

When using images, it is also good to know a few points about sizing:

  • Small images (profile, social media, icons) should ideally be set up in pixels, to avoid losing the quality of the image when resizing.

  • Big images will work better as percentages since they can re-scale well

  • If an image seems to overlap the content block, you may change the width to 100%

  • You can use the resize handlers to manually drag to resize your images

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