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Overlay Overview

Candu's Overlays feature enables customizable, triggerable content without extensive engineering.

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With Candu's Overlays, you can display content in an overlay that sits on top of your product rather than embedded in-line. You can make Overlays of any size or shape and place them anywhere on the page!

A screenshot of an example overlay announcing a new feature.

Candu CTAs, such as buttons, images, or card components, can also trigger Overlays.

Overlays allow you to get around the problem of limited real estate in your existing UI and avoid using engineering time to hard-code content! Let's dive into use cases 🚀

Ways to use Overlays?

Using Overlays to Activate Users

  • Show your onboarding survey, checklist, or welcome video when first users log in.

An example sign up flow from Candu.

Using Overlays to Drive Feature Adoption

  • Promote new features, upcoming events, and important updates.

An example of a slideout modal announcing a new feature.

Using Overlays to convert and upgrade users

  • Prompt users to purchase your product with paywalls, demo prompts, and upgrade blockers.

An example of an upgrade features modal.

Using Overlays to Enable Self-Service

  • You can trigger Overlay from Candu CTAs and create nested onboarding checklists and resource hubs in a sidebar.

A screenshot of a video slideout.

Watch a short video on how to create an Overlay

For a quick overview of Overlays, watch this 3-minute introduction. =

Ready to create your own overlay?

We've got you covered with the following guides:

➡️ Creating an Overlay

➡️ Launching Overlays

We're always open to feedback on how to improve, so don't be shy ✍️

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