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Triggering Hotspots

How to trigger Hotspots on page load, from clicking other Candu content or from Javascript

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Set up your hotspot trigger

Now that you've created your Hotspot, it's time to decide whether you want the Hotspot to automatically show to your users when they land on the page or whether you want them to opt into the experience!

Triggering Hotspots can be done one of three ways:

Triggering Hotspots from page load:

If you want the Hotspot to display on the page load automatically, hit Publish > then you have two options:

  1. Click 'Use Placement' to target the URL used for the Snapshot. Clicking 'Use Placement' will launch your content immediately.

  2. Click 'here' to customize your placement. This will take you to the Settings/Placements tab, where you can add your own rules. Then, hit Publish and choose which segment/s you want to make live.

GIF showing adding a placement

If you want the Hotspot to be triggered on Candu CTA click or programmatically triggered, you can...

  1. Hit Publish

  2. Choose the segment/s you want to publish.

  3. Click "Publish without a placement for Tigger Content & Change Content" to push your Hotspot live without a placement:

GIF showing the publish without placement journey

Triggering Hotspots from Candu CTAs:

Select your CTA, head to the Interactions tab, and add the 'Trigger Hotspot' action! Then, choose a published Hotspot from the dropdown list:

GIF showing Trigger Hotspot from the dropdown

Test out your content in the wild - the Hotspot should reappear whenever that CTA is clicked:

GIF showing a Hotspot being triggered from a Banner CTA

Triggering Hotspots programmatically

Now that your Hotspot is published, you can check out our developer docs on triggering Candu Hotspot programmatically from Javascript ➡️

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