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Modal example: creating a paywall
Modal example: creating a paywall
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In this example, we'll create a non-dismissible paywall Modal prompting users to upgrade to use premium features by starting a free trial!

To begin with, you'll need to...

  1. Create your content as a Modal:

  2. We want to make our Modal non-dismissible and we don't want to hide the backdrop

    ℹ️ Selecting Hide Backdrop allows users to keep the Modal open while interacting with the screen behind. The only way to dismiss a Modal with Hide Backdrop selected is via the dismissible 'X' or a button set to dismiss the Modal ✨

  3. Drag on your content as usual and customize the copy! Here, we'd want an image, a layout underneath for your typography, three layouts nested in that parent layout (set to row with an image and typography), and a layout underneath for your CTA buttons.

  4. Now, let's customize the Modal itself! We want to remove the padding around the modal and we don't want there to be a radius or border on it:

    Top tip ✨ Click on the icon next to Padding to change all 4 at the same time! Click again if you want to make a change to any of them individually.

    There you have it! You've created your paywall Modal 🎉

Ready to launch your masterpiece? Here's our article on how to launch your Modal! 🚀

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