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Having trouble getting to grips with the Styleguide? Check out this commonly asked questions.

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Can I have multiple Styleguides?

Yes, each Workspace allows its own customized Styleguide! This is to allow customers with multiple brands, websites or applications the ability to customize their Workspace Styleguide. If you need to re-brand your content you can always create a Test Workspace to trial new styles first!

Is there a way to override the Styleguide settings?

By default, when you set colors and fonts in the Styleguide, those will flow through to all other elements. However, you can override the hierarchy at any time and manually set colors and fonts for all elements.

Does the Styleguide pull from my page?

No, it pulls from the Styleguide settings in Candu. You can override styles manually with CSS in your codebase.

Are there advanced settings for the Styleguide?

Some elements of the Styleguide have advanced options. For example, there is an option to set button hover effects.

What does the Styleguide update?

The Styleguide is universal, which means it will update all the content that you’ve built in Candu. The advantage is that you can set the Styleguide once, so that every time you create new content, your new styles will flow through. If you update your styles, those changes will flow through to all new and existing (including published) content.

How do I upload a custom font from Adobe Typekit, Google, or Fontspace?

Select the font of your choice from Adobe Typekit. Once you are within the font settings select the Add to Web Project link. Paste this code on a blank page or notepad. Select the URL link within the code. Paste this link into your Styleguide under Text > Custom Font.

You can see our Custom Font Guide here.

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