Dynamic URLs

Load your Candu content dynamically depending on the page URL within your application.

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Dynamic URLs

Candu supports products that have dynamic URLs for both:

  • Targeting where content needs to be embedded

  • Directing users to certain pages/URLs in your product

An example of a dynamic URL where the path or format changes depending on the user or account: https://candu.ai/workspaces/678/22

The 678 refers to the unique 'UserID' and 22 to the unique 'OrgID' which are both portions of the URL path that will change depending on the customer or user. The rest of the URL will remain the same.

Load content dynamically - wildcard URLs

Wildcard URLs provide a way for you to load your Candu content dynamically, depending on the page URL.

You can simply replace the variable parts of a URL with an asterisk (*), also known as a wildcard. By adding in an *, you are telling Candu that you want the URL matching to allow that part of the URL to be variable.

When replacing the 'userid' and 'org' portions of the above example URL with an *, the URL will appear as follows: https://candu.ai/workspaces/**

Another example is when an application offers a different URL per customer such as:


You can add a wildcard for this use case: *.candu.ai

Setting up Wildcard URLs

The process is the same as adding a standard URL Embed apart from the format of the URLs entered.

Setting up Wildcard URLs from the placements tab:

For Inline experiences:

For Overlays:

For Hotspots:

Setting up Wildcard URLs from the Chrome Extension:

⚠️ Please note you cannot test wildcard URLs in preview mode prior to content actually being embedded. We recommend embedding content in a staging environment or creating an 'Only Me' segment for testing purposes.

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