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Intercom Integration

Launch a chat or guide using Candu content to create an interactive user experience.

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Launching Intercom guides from Candu content

Launch Intercom guides using Candu content and link users directly to the guide that they want.

There are two methods to integrate Intercom with Candu:

  1. Using Open URL (no-code)

  2. Using JavaScript Callbacks (requires code)

Open URL: How to connect Candu and Intercom guides

  1. Within Intercom, select the “Use Tour Everywhere” option and copy the sharing URL. Learn more about how to do this with Intercom’s documentation.

  2. In the Candu Editor, open the content to which you want to add the Intercom guide link.

  3. Add a button or a card to the content by dragging one from the elements or containers section of the palette on the left side of the page.

  4. Select the button or card. Click the dialog button in the lower right corner of the button or card, or select “Integrations” at the top of the toolbox on the right.

  5. Select the Open URL option and choose whether you want it to open in a new tab or not.

  6. Paste the sharing URL you copied from Intercom.

  7. Test your integration by opening the content in "Preview" and clicking the button you just created. The Intercom guide should open as expected. If the guide does not open correctly, see troubleshooting tips below.

  8. If the link is configured correctly, click Publish.

Callbacks: Launching an Intercom Chat or Tour with JavaScript

To launch a chat, you'll need to add Javascript to your Candu button. To learn more about setting this up, see our Callbacks documentation.

With this method, you’ll be able to access your node and action object within a callback, as well as the original event.

Within the Candu init function, add the following:

callbacks: { 
openIntercom: (e, node, action) => window.Intercom && window.Intercom('startTour', action && action.eventName),

Then, within Candu's Editor, you'll be able to assign an action and pass a parameter to components such as a button or card.

Troubleshooting Intercom Guides:

  • Double-check that you have retrieved the correct sharing link for the guide.

  • Make sure you’ve published the tour within Intercom.

As with all buttons in Candu, you can configure event tracking. This allows you to identify all users who have clicked the button and launched the guide. For more information about how to set up or use event tracking, see Analytics.

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