We know that creating an impactful and successful product-led onboarding experience is a key initiative for a lot of teams right now, which is part of the reason why we created Journeys!

This is one of our favourite use cases here at Candu and one we use ourselves! With journeys you can create an onboarding flow that:

  • introduces your users to key aspects of your product and lets them in to start their experience

  • is personalized based on what steps a user selects in the flow (such as what do they want to use your product for), so that their experience is tailored to the intended outcome of each user

  • is gated and does not let a user into your product yet but prompts them to book a demo or complete a key action before they can be granted full access

Check out our full guide below on how to create a new product-led onboarding experience yourself.

Personalized Onboarding Flow Example

As an example, let's say that you are a Helpdesk software which has a lot of variables when it comes to the best way to setup your new account.

You can create a flow that:

  • where they are migrating from

  • what inbox would they like to setup

  • show them a homepage or end piece of content that matches their selection

Gated Onboarding Flow Example

If you are taking a hybrid approach to winning new customers by using a combination of product-led experiences and sales-led motions, then a gated onboarding flow can work well.

As an example you can create a flow that:

  • introduces a user to the value or solutions your product offers them

  • allows them to select from different options so they can find what is most relevant to them

  • showcase customer examples or success stories to build credibility

  • have your key call to action be to book a call or demo with someone on your team, rather than enter the product straight away

Creating Onboarding Flows with Candu

To create a content Journey, you need to create a piece of Content for each part of the flow you want a user to walkthrough and you can then use link sections together by using our 'Content Change' interaction.

For example, let's look at the Personalized Onboarding example from above.

The initial content looks like the below and each of the cards as an interaction set on it to change to another piece of Candu content based on what the user selects.

If 'Setup an Email Inbox' is selected it changes to another Content document that has four different options on it. To have a different next step show based on one of these four selections, four additional pieces of content need to be created and linked together through this Content Change interaction.

You can create as complex a flow as you like and in future iterations we hope to make it easier to keep track of linked content so that your Content list does not become unmanageable!

We have added a few templates under 'Blocks' to help with flow creation such as 'Slides' where you can create a simple multi-step walkthrough flow.

Previewing your Onboarding Flow

It is important to note that any 'Journeys' created in Candu cannot be previewed via the Candu Chrome Extension like most content can.

Content either needs to be embedded and made live (you only need to embed the first piece of content but ensure all connected content is Published) OR you can use the 'Share' feature from within the editor. This generates a URL where you can view your content and check that the interactions and content changes are working as expected.

Simply click Share > Copy Link and then paste this into a new Tab.

Voila - you can now preview your creation and share the link with colleagues to get their thoughts and feedback (or just show it off 😉 ).

Setting up Segments - stop your flow from resetting

One key thing to note, is that Candu does not automatically 'remember' what step a user is at in the onboarding flow you have created.

For example, a user only makes it half way through your flow, if they were to revisit the page your flow is on, they would start from the beginning. Equally, if they complete your flow and land on a homepage but revisit the page the flow launches again, they will be taken to the beginning.

Creating the right Segments

You can use Segmentation to ensure that users see the right thing at the right time. We recommend not going too granular with this and catering for every combination but focusing on the end states when a flow has been completed.

If all users see the same thing after completing a flow then you only need to set up one Segment by selecting the User Event where your call to action (a button or card click) in the last step has been clicked so you can differentiate between users who have completed the flow and who haven't.

If there are different variations of content that a user could see after completing a flow based on what they have selected, you can create a Segment for each call to action that you want to lead to a different outcome. That way, once a user completes the final step of your flow they will remain on the final page you intended them to.

For example, in one of our Candu onboarding flows, we have four different variations of our homepage that a user can land on based on which data source they select. So one Segment would be 'Segment Clicked':

And once a user falls into this segment they are then shown this homepage:

We appreciate this can get complex so feel free to reach out to us if you are building a complex flow and would like some support - we are happy to help!

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