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Flows Overview

Elevate your product-led experiences by creating purposeful onboarding flows or adding interactive content.

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How to create a multi-step flow

In Candu you have the option to create flows or interactive types of content using Flows. This basically means the ability to have content change from one thing to another when a component is selected or clicked by a user.

Common examples of Flows

  • Onboarding or Free Trial Flows or Multi-step Progress Flows

  • Carousels

  • Navigation menus

  • Tabs to flick between different content

A gif showing an example of an onboarding flow.

If you are supporting a product that has a free trial, Flows empower you to build, personalize and iterate on the onboarding flow experience that users have after they create an account with your platform. This helps you to activate users by creating a clear & engaging first experience.

To help convert users into paying customers or active users, you can pair a Candu created flow with a personalized in-app homepage. Use data captured in your flow to show users the most relevant, targeted information based on things like their top use case/priority, their job role or industry, so they are set up for the best-fit onboarding path.

An introduction to flows (Video)

For a quick overview of Flows please view this short 4-minute introduction.

You can create a Flow from scratch or turn existing content into a Flow by using the 'Dynamic Flow Block' under Containers in the Candu editor.

How to grab a Flow block in Candu's Editor.

Under 'Templates > Flows' we have also created a number of templates you can use to kickstart your flow creation process!

Where to find flows under templates in Candu's Editor.

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