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Capture information or feedback from your users in-app and use the response data to target specific users through segmentation.

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We created Candu Forms to allow you to easily capture data about your users or feedback from your users in your existing product without having to use another third party tool. You can build onboarding surveys, feedback surveys or contact forms using a combination of common input field like checkboxes, select lists and text areas.

Some common use cases for Candu Forms:

  • Sign-up Flows/Onboarding Surveys

  • Product Feedback Surveys

  • Registration Forms

You can then use any data captured via your Forms in Segmentation so you can personalize user experiences based on the answers they have given you and drive self-serve activation, conversion & retention rates.

Sign-up Flows/Onboarding Surveys

Use Forms in your sign-up flow into your product to capture key information from your users from the get-go. Ask questions such as:

  • Their main use case for using your product

  • Their role

  • What industry they belong to

  • What existing tools they already have

This information will help you better understand how to set your users up for success with your product and decrease their time-to-first-value during activation.

GIF showing a sign-up flow using Candu Forms in action.

➑️ To walkthrough the above example flow yourself click here!

Alternatively, once a user has signed up, you could create a banner or button with an onboarding survey nested in an overlay to gather key information like the below:

GIF showing an onboarding survey post sign-up in action.

Product Feedback Survey

Capture how your users are finding certain features or new releases in a scalable way by creating a quick survey (why not nest it inside a Candu Overlay? πŸ‘€) - this will be an easy, timely way for you to capture key qualitative feedback in-app.

GIF showing feedback form in action.

Creating Forms

You can start creating Forms in the editor under Components > Forms where there are a number of pre-built forms, templates or you can start from scratch and build your own!
Once you get results in, you can then use this data in Candu Segments, export your results into a CSV file or use Webhooks to sync your results with the rest of your tech stack such as your CRM, email tool or data warehouse.

GIF showing how to create a form.

For a quick overview of forms please view this short 7-minute introduction.

We're always open to feedback on how to improve, so don't be shy ✍️

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