Introducing our first version of Candu Modals! You can now trigger modal overlays from your existing Candu CTAs such as Buttons and Card components! These can help out when there isn’t much space to add new UI or you don't want to interrupt your engineering team to hard-code it in. We're empowering you to do these changes yourself 💪

GIF showing Modals in action

Candu Modals allow you to:

  • Maximize limited real estate by nesting content in modal overlays that sit on top of the page within your product - no major UI changes required ✅

  • Gain feedback from forms/surveys without your users having to leave your product ✅

  • Offer calls/demos without taking the user out of your product ✅

These three examples are shown in the GIF above.

Building a modal

Firstly, you'll need to decide what kind of content you'd like to create e.g. media display, forms/surveys, book a call/demo, etc. In this example we've gone for media display.

There are two elements to this, so you'll need to create two pieces of content. The first being your main content, in this example it is the card with typography, image and button:

Your second piece will contain the nested content. In our example, the second piece is a Media Player video from YouTube.

Once you've published the second piece of content, you can turn it into a modal! All you'll need to do is go to your main content > head to Interactions > Select Trigger a modal > Select your second piece of content:

Image showing how to trigger a modal in the interactions tab.

Play around with where to place it in preview mode before launching it in your product...

GIF showing Modal in preview mode.

... and voilà

GIF showing video modal in action

Your users can click the dismissible X in the modal or click anywhere outside of the modal to exit it. If your user dismisses a modal, we capture this as a User Event. You can then use this data to personalize content, for example, after a user sees a modal they don't want them to see anymore, you could create a segment for users who have seen it and show them something else or nothing.

➡️ To find out more about creating segments click here!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! We'd also love to see any of your finished designs 😍

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