Set Goals specific to your content to track your conversion rates and see how Candu is helping you make an impact 🎯

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What are Goals?

Goals help you measure how well your content is performing in terms of influencing users to carry out key actions within your product. You can pass User Events into Candu, and then track whether or not the content you create, influences a user to carry out that those actions.

For example, if you have launched an onboarding checklist and one of the checklist steps is to invite a team member, you can pass the event 'Team member invited' into Candu, and setup a Goal to see if viewing the checklist actually influenced the user to invite their colleague.

Most conversion Goals will be linked to self-serve activation of initial product milestones and adoption of new and existing key features.

ℹ️ Don't have any user events in Candu? This article guides you through how to pipe your user eventing data in πŸ™Œ

How are Goals calculated?

If a user has viewed your Candu content and subsequently completed the associated action (user event) within 7 days, we will count them as a converted user.

  • We first check 'Was the Candu content viewed?' and then check 'Did the User Event take place within 7 days?'

  • Note: The external event has to be completed after the content view to count. If a user completes the action before viewing the Candu content, it will count as a view that doesn't convert.

How to set a Goal

  1. Create your content.

  2. Head to the Analytics tab on the content navigation bar.

  3. Click Set a Goal.

  4. Set a target by selecting a User Event and choosing which Segments to include.

  5. Click Save ✨

You can also

  • set multiple Goals for a piece of content (e.g. one per key product action)

  • target specific Segments (e.g free trial users vs. activated customers)

  • edit your Goal at any point

Example use case:

You have launched an onboarding checklist and the checklist steps are:

  • invite a team member

  • install the Chrome Extension

  • set up your first email campaign

You want to track whether these checklist items actually prompt users to complete these actions within your product on their path to becoming 'activated'.


  1. Set up your checklist content with the checklist items mentioned above.

  2. Add the events (Team Member Invited, Chrome Extension Installed, and Email Campaign Setup) that you're tracking in your product to Candu.

  3. In the analytics section of your checklist content, set up three Goals, one for each checklist item/product action, and then monitor the conversion rates once launched!

  4. Use this information to iterate on content designs, copy and order, to experiment with improving your conversion rates over time πŸš€

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