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Send Candu events to Amplitude

Send Candu analytics events such as views, clicks and checklist completions to Amplitude

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Candu helps you build, iterate, and personalize your in-app content experiences. Measuring the impact this content has on your business objectives is essential.

You can send events captured in Candu back to Amplitude, enabling you to leverage Amplitude's analytics capabilities to gain insights into user behavior and improve your product experience even further!

Setting up the Integration

Step 1: Get your Amplitude API key

  1. Log in to Amplitude.

  2. Navigate to Organization settings > Projects.

  3. Select the project you wish to integrate with Candu.

  4. Copy the API Key for your project.

Step 2: Setup the integration in Candu

  1. Log in to your Candu account.

  2. Go to the Settings > Integrations page

3. Add your Amplitude API Key and hit 'Save Changes.'

Step 3: Test Your Integration to Ensure Smooth Functionality

  1. Perform actions in your Candu components, e.g., click a live Candu button to trigger sample events you've chosen to track.

  2. Be proactive and check your Amplitude dashboard to see if the events are being logged correctly. Please note that it may take a few minutes for the updates to come through!

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