What is Candu?

Candu allows you to create product-led user experiences with our no-code UI builder.

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Candu is a no-code UI component builder that exists to help you enhance the products you already have and build a better customer experience for less time, money and technical talent.

We enable non-technical teams to add and edit content in your product without interrupting engineering sprint cycles. You don't need the technical know-how. You need creativity and Candu!

Create UI from scratch in Candu, access our template library of best practice designs, embed your designs into any webpage, measure engagement and interaction of this content & personalize your user experiences with segmentation.

Drag, Drop & Done!

Creating content is easy with Candu. Get inspired and choose from our extensive template library of best practice designs or start turning your existing ideas into your own UI from scratch. With Candu's drag and drop editor, you can then customize your content & ensure it matches your brand & style!

What kind of content can you create?

The possibilities are somewhat endless with Candu, but some common examples include:

  • Onboarding checklists: steps to get up and running, best practice suggestions, video content, contact cards, quick links to key resources

  • Resource hubs: training materials, FAQs, video content, blog & article posts, release notes, embedded surveys

  • Announcement banners: feature & product launches, event & webinar invites & upsell prompts

The Candu editor allows you to drag and drop content and easily change text, buttons, images and all core design elements to match your brand.

Preview & Embed

Once you are happy with your design, you can use the Candu Chrome Extension to preview your content in your own application, before making it live! This gives you the opportunity to see if it blends into your existing content and make any tweaks before launching.

Ready to go? Use the same chrome extension to 'Embed' your Candu content live in your application with just a few clicks!

The Candu chrome extension allows you to go to any webpage, click on any available div or space on the page and preview your UI designs. You can then use the extension to click Embed and make it live to your users.

View more information about Previewing and Embedding Candu content.


You can create one piece of content to serve all of your users and update it anytime, or you can create many variants to create unique experiences for different types of users.

Candu's segmentation feature allows you to create--and dynamically change--content within your application so you can show the most relevant content at the right time to the right users, all without needing to lean on your developers (win!). This is a best practice approach to take for getting the most engagement and interactions with your content.

Segment your user experiences by displaying the right content at the right time e.g. Admin users see once set of call to actions and Basic users see another set.

View more about our Personalizing your Candu content here.


Our Analytics module allows you to learn how your content drives interaction and engagement within your application. See what is and isn't working and easily make changes at any time.

Analyze the performance of your Candu content such as page views, checklist completions and click rates of key call to actions that you have embedded.

Learn more about our out-of-the-box Analytics.

Who uses Candu?

  • Product teams who want to take control of their products frontend, and let their developers focus on other priorities.

  • Customer teams who want to streamline and scale their customer onboarding processes and self service education.

  • Growth teams who want to build, test, and iterate frequently without slowing down their product’s growth.

  • Design teams who want to speed up the time from ideation to release and increase the impact they have on their user experiences.

  • Development teams who want to empower no-coder colleagues to handle no-code tasks so they can hit their goals.

Is Candu for you?

We offer a free trial so you can take Candu for a spin to see if it meets your business needs. You are welcome to reach out to us if you have any questions!

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