Organizing your Candu Content

Keep your workspace tidy by using sections to categorize your content

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Once you’ve created a few pieces of content in Candu, it’s time to create 'Sections' to organize your content.


Sections are like folders. You use sections to organize your content and make it easier to find what you want quickly. To create a new section, go to your Content list and click on the small plus icon at the bottom of the list. You’ll be prompted to name the section.

Some common ways to categorize content:

  • By status: Live Content that is embedded vs. Draft Content

  • By type: Announcement Banners, Checklists, Dashboards

  • By use case: Self-service Onboarding, Feature adoption

  • By page: Homepage, Profile Page

There are three ways to add content to a section:

  • Click-and-drag from the content page

  • Select a section when you create a piece of content

  • Move content into a section from the settings page for that piece of content

Once you’ve added content to sections, you can easily collapse sections to stay focused on the content that matters most!

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