ℹ️ Please note the following method only works once Candu has been installed within your application. If Candu has not been installed, you will be limited to using the Google Chrome Extension to preview content.

Launch your Candu content 🚀

If you have:

  • Created your first piece of content

  • Used the Chrome Extension to preview your content

  • Installed Candu within your application

  • Published your content and ensured there are no pending changes

You are now ready to Embed content within your product or website so your users can start interacting and engaging with it!

By default, when you Publish & Embed content, it will be set to 'Everyone' which will cover all of your users unless you connect additional user segments to your content.

By default content will be visible to all of your users unless you have Segmentation enabled and have set up more than one segment

Embed Content via the Chrome Extension

When you open the Chrome Extension, it should say 'Candu is installed on this page' in green to indicator that Candu has been installed correctly. If this does not appear please refresh before carrying out further troubleshooting. You can also check the Page Status to ensure Candu is installed and your site has been Whitelisted properly.

ℹ️ If Candu is not properly installed on the page or is not published, you will see a notification letting you know what you need to do. Please review our Troubleshooting Guide for more details.

You can then launch the extension and use the same approach as when you Preview content and find the div/spot on the page where you want your Candu content to live.

Click the 'Embed Content Here' button in the Chrome Extension toolbar to embed your Candu content within your application. (If you have collapsed the Extension you will need to pop it back open!).

ℹ️ There will be a banner at the top of the extension letting you know 'Everything is ready to embed'. It will also notify you if you are in the wrong Workspace, or if Candu needs to be installed.

Candu must be installed and your domain whitelisted to be able to embed content successfully. If there are any issues the Chrome Extension will notify you under 'Page Status'.

Embed Content via the Editor

Go to the Content that you want to embed and navigate to the 'Embeds' tab. You can simply paste in the name of your div/selector where you want content to appear, hit 'Add' and then 'Save Changes' and your content will be live!

Restricting content to appear on certain URLs

This is useful for:

  • When you have a repetitive div selector across multiple pages - once Candu content is embedded in this single div, it will display content on all pages (probably not what you want!)

  • When you have URL paths that contain variable information meaning URLs are unique for different users/customers

Candu will look for both a div match and URL match to ensure content is displayed in the right place.

Restricting Embeds by URL

After adding the selector/div you want content to appear in, you can specify the URL you want content to show on or be hidden from.

Select the selector/div and the URL Embedding option will appear. You can then input the page URL that you want content to be embedded on within your application or the URL you want content to be hidden.

Make sure to hit the + add button and 'Save Changes' for this to update.

You can also add more than one URL and easily remove once added.

You can add multiple URLs to show content on or hide content from

ℹ️ If you have dynamic or relative URLs, you can use the above feature combined with Wildcard URLs to provide a way for you to load your Candu content dynamically, depending on the page URL. More information here.

Disconnecting Content

If you no longer what a piece of content to appear or you made a mistake with the spot you selected, you can remove the content in two ways:

Via the Chrome Extension

If you launch the extension on the page where content is embedded you can click on 'Live Content', select the applicable piece of content and hit 'Disconnect'. This will remove the content from your application and stop users from being able to view it.

From Embeds in the Candu Editor

If you go to the Embeds page of the content you have embedded, you can select the div that the content is embedded in and go to 'URL Embedding' and select 'Delete'. This will remove content from your application and users will no longer be able to see it.

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